Founder and CEO

Witness Mdaka started his career in the property industry in 2008 when his mother, in order to fund Witness’s studies, built backrooms at their family home in Tembisa, South Africa. It was unfortunate that upon finishing the building project his mother suffered a terrible stroke which lead to partial paralysis. Witness, then 18 years old, was given the responsibility of looking after the investment, finding tenants, placing them, collecting rent, and managing the property as well as their household.  Witness went on to obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Midrand Graduate Institute (Pearson Institute of Higher Education) in 2012, A certificate in Global Business from Regent College in London , also in 2012, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Management College of Southern Africa in 2016.

Upon Graduating from Midrand Graduate Institute, he joined a Youth Marketing company called Student Village, where he worked as a Campaign Manager. While there, he worked on projects for big brands such as Nedbank, Paco Rabanne, Spar, Samsung, Telkom/8ta, One Young World, Doom, Lucozade, Pick ‘n Pay, General Electric, Rio Tinto, SAB, BBD Software Development, British American Tobacco, Distell, Bloomberg, Uvillage, and GradX Magazine to name just a few. Working on these projects helped him develop his project management skills and gave him an understanding of people’s spending habits.

At the beginning of 2014, he left Student Village to start a township retail grocery business, which he later sold to reinvest the funds into Quality Growth International. The combination of his experience at Student Village and running his small grocery business helped him develop a model for a sustainable property rental business that would help solve accommodation problems while being profitable.

Witness is currently the Executive Director of Quality Growth International, and currently leads the acquisitions and development department of the company