School of Life

The first thing that stood out to me when I walked into Quality Growth International’s offices was a note on the wall with the words ‘Did you learn anything today?’ on it and everyday since, I’ve made sure that I learn at least one thing from my work. It isn’t always a choice here, we’re … More School of Life

Grey Areas

I’m not about to claim that I am Grey’s Anatomy’s biggest fan but it’s definitely a thing for me. On Cristina’s last episode in season 10, not only did I cry myself a river, I wrote myself a letter. I promised myself that I would be THAT woman. The second time I watched that episode … More Grey Areas

Judas Kiss

Ask anyone what they’re idea of the ultimate betrayal is to them you’ll hear one or more of the following answers: Lying, stealing, infidelity, disloyalty, treachery, being sold out; just basic perfidy. These are all terrible things, the hurt that comes with being betrayed is arguably worse than some physical pain. When someone inflicts this … More Judas Kiss

Let’s Get Mental

My previous medical aid company sent out pop corn promo packs once with a sticker written “pop the stigma of mental illness” on it. The word play was smart, and strong I think. It hit it’s mark. The topic of depression is becoming less of a taboo with awareness raised around the issue after a … More Let’s Get Mental