Learn to Handle Stress, It’s Part of The Process

The biggest mis-education that has gone around for many years is that stress is bad. Stress isn’t entirely bad. If you look closely enough, you’ll realize that stress is actually a very necessary part of life and avoiding it would mean avoiding growth and development – It’s actually very impossible to achieve your dreams without undergoing some form of stress.

A story is told of a young boy who watched a caterpillar undergo metamorphosis, transforming into a butterfly. While the boy was watching this caterpillar, it had already pushed out one of its wings but it was struggling to get the other wing out, and it was going through stress. The on-looking boy felt sorry for the caterpillar, and began to pull the other wing out in order to help it become a butterfly. But upon doing so, the boy noticed that while the butterfly was now free to fly, one of the wings was not working and the butterfly could not fly.

The boy began to investigate why the butterfly could not fly, and he realized that the butterfly could not fly because the other wing, the one the boy help to get out of the cocoon, is the one that could not fly because it had skipped the necessary stage of becoming a butterfly.

See, it was necessary for that caterpillar to undergo all required stress in order to finally become a butterfly, but the boy had meddled with with the process by trying to save the caterpillar from undergoing stress.

This caterpillar story is a lot like my story and your story, we undergo a lot of stress pushing to accomplish our goals and dreams, but that stress is actually is a necessary part of our development and growth. Remember how tough certain grades in school were? Well each grade was designed to prepare the scholar for the next grade.

Do not exempt yourself from going through the necessary hardships to build your business, family, marriage, and the ultimate life you want to live. Everything worth building will come with its own hardships, which will bring with it some form of stress or another. The worst thing you can do is to try and skip the process.

Put yourself in a position where you constantly find a way to handle stress. You handle stress by telling yourself this truth: THIS TOO SHALL PASS. And trust me, it does pass. I remember how tough varsity was. But it’s nothing compared to building a business, hiring people, leading a team and making the business profitable. And of course, being single was tough, but it was nothing compared to building a strong marriage. Each phase will require us to resolve to go through it till we are completely on the other side.

While undergoing hardship and stress, take time to look after yourself spiritually – meditation also helps; make time for exercise to ensure that you taking care of yourself physically, this will help reduce the level of stress. You can’t get rid of stress but you can use it to your advantage, to help catapult yourself to the next level and of not only that, you will be ready because both your of wings will have been made to fly.

Fly my butterfly!

I wish you success!

Yours Sincerely,

Witness Mdaka,

CEO, Quality Growth International

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