Recalculating Route…

I heard a beautiful analogy from this morning; when you take a wrong turn with your GPS on, the lady doesn’t tell you that it’s over for you, the lady tells you that the route is being recalculated. Meaning it’s possible… We have this innate desire and need to control and know and do. We pray for direction, and the One who crested us with a perfect plan for our lives, we ask Him for direction … and then we proceed to do our thing and we get lost. Not maybe, but definitely. If we follow our own plan when there’s a designated plan, we WILL get frustrated, we WILL get lost. Thankfully, God doesn’t let us stay lost, like the lady, He recalculates the route.

As long as we’re still alive, if we decide to be patient and listen, we can still get to where we need to go. Our need to keep our hands on the steering wheel causes detours that we really could have avoided, but they teach us to trust the master plan because clearly our plans don’t work. This messes with our God- complex, it means not only do we relinquish control, we also give up the need to know why, when and how; we just trust . Now as a ‘why person’ myself, you don’t need to tell me how difficult this is. That’s where faith comes in. If we completely dedicate ourselves to not only believing in a higher power but also trusting in it, we also ask for and receive grace to do so wholly. Faith is blind. It’s the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.

That last line is very important. The very act of trusting, having faith is the evidence of something we cannot see yet; but it having evidence means it’s already there. We don’t even need a lot of it, we just need it to be as big as a tiny mustard seed, we need to watch our mouth’s too. What we speak automatically becomes the final word on our lives. We don’t always feel like what we have faith in or for, but if we believe it and speak it, our feelings will catch on… All of this is proof that I understand that it’s extremely difficult to not only have in a being you can’t see, to also wait patiently for the plan He says He says. But get this, you haven’t been doing all that good leaning on your own understanding thus far anyway, so you really have nothing to lose.

While in it, I know it seems better to keep trying stuff out instead of waiting; but in reality, going that route ends up wasting so much time and resources that by the time you get to where you were supposed to end up, there isn’t a lot of time left and you’ve wasted all that you were supposed to have when you got there. There’s absolutely no reason for you to get there all battered and bruised, while there’s an advantage to coming with experience, it also wouldn’t hurt to arrive clean. Wait for the route to be recalculated and listen this time. Don’t be a Jonah in other people’s boats.

Peace & Love Always,

Tshepiso Molakeng,

Quality Growth International

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