School of Life

The first thing that stood out to me when I walked into Quality Growth International’s offices was a note on the wall with the words ‘Did you learn anything today?’ on it and everyday since, I’ve made sure that I learn at least one thing from my work. It isn’t always a choice here, we’re always learning, there’s always something to learn and there’s always a need to learn new things- we learn about them and we learn how to do them, sometimes you’ve got all the time in the world to learn these things, sometimes you have no time at all. My first week on the job I was working on some research projects and I remember how happy I was to finally get to use a text book that I had from college, I got to reference it while practically applying it’s teachings. I learn better that way, teach and show.

For over a decade of our lives we are taught theoretical foundations of life, but the value of these lessons, although great and immeasurable, can never equal the practical lessons from the classroom that is life. They are a foundation upon which we build with life experiences. Regardless of the nature of the experience, pleasurable or the opposite, it’s important to see it as a learning opportunity; to see each season of your life as a module that you need to pass… But it’s also equally important to remember that just like in school school, modules end and we move on to the next one. So you need to be able to be able to tick the curriculum outcomes for yourself, be able to account for the time spent in that season- what have you learned?If you truthfully believe that you have learned all you can, without running away, close that chapter and move on to the next.

I have always been a firm believer that the most important thing for an existing creature is purpose. For you to know what to do, it’s so much easier to push through the rough times if you know why you’re doing it. The ‘why’ makes it worthwhile if it speaks to who you are. This is where the problem usually is, a lot of people don’t know who they are so they don’t know what they want, they don’t (really) know what they’re doing, let alone why they’re doing it! The nit knowing could be the beginning of the journey of the lesson to knowing if we decide to see even that as a class. Sometimes we don’t know what we want but we try things and discover that we know we don’t want that; sometimes we think we know what we want until we get and realise that it’s not what wed thought it was so we don’t want it. This is where we start to panic because we’re adults, we can’t afford not to know what we want!

There’s an African saying that when loosely translated means “school has no end”, so even as adults, we’re allowed not to know. It’s actually a good thing because it means we haven’t hit the ceiling of learning or of uncovering ourselves, if we change our perspective on this, it could mean excitement over knowing that there’s more! Meaning there’s hope. Like in school school, the school of life also requires you to pay attention and take notes in case you forget, study your notes and lessons and let them guide you to your next move. Sometimes the process of elimination is all we have and that’s okay. Just keep learning and keep trying to live your optimum life. Don’t be afraid to close the door on some seasons, it just means that that particular class is over, school itself isn’t over. Don’t let fear of change cripple and stifle you, keep trying, you have graduation to look forward to.

Peace & Love Always,

Tshepiso Molakeng,

Quality Growth International

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