Your World Exists First in Your Head

This one thing has been my biggest concern over the last few months and I have personally had to learn that the world out there cannot be experienced the way I want it to be in my head. Perception is such a huge factor of life that I think is not given much regard.

The color with which you paint your  understanding of anything will be evident in your everyday behavior. If you are the kind of person who believes the world owes something of a great magnitude to you, it will be evident with how you interact with the elderly, how you show respect and what you are willing to fight with.

You see this week I had the opportunity to observe the kind of employee that believed that their employer owed it to them to reward them for the little effort they are putting into their daily job expectations. This employee continued as though they were untouchable and as though the rest of the world had to understanding that she deserved to be rewarded for what she was already hired for. This observation taught me a few things I thought I should share…

1. You are not entitled to anything you haven’t labored for

Mothers would understand the sense of possession and ownership I am trying to communicate here. Unless you have given some piece of you, your materials and your non measurable parts of you to something, I personally think you should not carry around the attitude that the worlds owe you anything. Trying slapping a new mothers babe for no good reason  and see the wrath of woman at its best. This wrath is enraged by the fact that the mother feels that the child she labored in the great pain she did, is her most priced possessions

2. Your Perspective exposes your witness.

The employee I had the beautiful opportunity to learn from this past week taught me that when you are out here believing you are the world’s very finest, your biggest weakness are exposed in the process and you are left rather vulnerable, easy target to aim at because we as humans tend to be bindsighted from the consequences of our reality.

3. The world owes you nothing.

The parents that birthed you, your teachers, friends, employers and everyone on earth owe you nothing. And just when you are about to say your parents brought you to earth… Yes they were your mode of transport to earth but they are definitely not accountable for all of your decisions and they don’t owe anything. All you ever were to them is a blessing, and I think it’s only right behaved like one

No one owes you anything, not even oxygen. You just need to wake up and work hard for yourself and for your dreams. Work to reach your most ambiguous dreams.

Remember this as you reminisce on good times, bad times and and all your introspection sessions.

Happy Sunday,

Maryjane Kgomosotho
Quality Growth International

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