It’s all ABOUT the mindset.

Certain things are very difficult to change once they have been set. Take concrete for instance; for as long as concrete is soft and unset, you can move  it around, change its position and even create designs with it. But once concrete is set then it is set, there is nothing you can do about it.

Mindset is a lot like concrete. Remember when you were young and naive, well maybe not so naive, but remember when you were willing to explore concepts and ideas, when you believed that you could accomplish anything and become anything you wanted to become? This is when your mind was not yet set on certain things like fear, failure, and doubt. When did you decide that all those things you believed were possible are not possible anymore?

I’ll tell you what happened. Like soft concrete, a mind, any mind however bright, eventually gets set on something. Just like you would change and move concrete and create designs with it while it is still soft, you didn’t change, design, and frame your mind according to what you believed your life could be like. You succumbed to fear, and allowed your mind to be set around the impossible rather than what is possible for you. Maybe you even have the dangerous mindset that says “I know it all”, meanwhile we all know that not one really knows it all and no one really is bigger than everyone. Not only that, maybe you even told yourself that this will never change, it’s who you are – but the truth is, this is not who you are, it can change. The human brain is not concrete, it is like concrete – figuratively – but it is not concrete, it can be rewired.

Let me tell you something else, maybe something that might shock you: entrepreneurship is not all about having an office, selling goods or services, and having customers – it is a mindset. If you look for a job in a certain company, and they hire you as an administrator, the company can decide how much your salary will be, but the company will never decide for you how much you make, what your income will be – that is up to you. Your mindset in that instance can tell you that what you get from the company is what you will ever make or it can inform you that you can set up other streams of income using the same salary that you receive from the employer.

People have different mindsets, although not all of them are progressive. Some believe that someone else, a company, an employer is responsible for how much you make, while some understand that no company will ever determine how much you make, you can determine that for yourself by rendering additional services or sell something outside of your normal employ – it’s all about the mindset.

Mindset will determine how you behave at work, church, party, social gathering, everywhere. When you see someone act in a certain way, just know it’s because of their mindset – people either have a progressive mindset or a backward mindset, and some have foolish confidence – believing they know it all, when they know they don’t.

I wish you success.

Yours Sincerely,

Witness Mdaka,

CEO, Quality Growth International.

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