Leaders Are Born

This is an Image of my father with his grandchildren. “Rutang bana ditaola, le seke la ya le tšona Badimong.”

He was teaching them how to run a successful farm.

He narrates his stories of growing up in utter poverty and he says he made a conscious decision to cut the vein of poverty himself and that it should end with him. He started his career at Dutsun Motors then moved to Nissan. He would on weekends weld burglar proofs, get on his bicycle and sell them. His business grew so much in the Apartheid era that he got funding from the SBDC (Small Business Development Corporation) in those years. He says the development of small businesses owners was far much better than what is it now in the ANC led government and I agree with him. Through SBDC, there was no red tape, if they saw potential in an Entrepreneur, they funded without wanting bribes and despite who you know.

He was funded for a Glazing and Fencing Warehouse firm with 5 (five) brand new Toyota Bakkies and 2 (two) Big Canter lorries. I remember at some point, this business exploded so well that it operated on shifts just like the big firms in Rosslyn. It had a healthy balance sheet, a huge payroll and a large customer base. My father’s work ethic is remarkable and I count my blessings everyday that he instilled the same in us. His determination to succeed was out of this world.

I shall, one day narrate a full story of the firm and how we also worked there to gain experience, work ethic and money…

My father is retired now but still enjoys small scale farming and narrating stories to anyone who cares to listen.  He taught us to pass all the knowledge we gained through life to our children because one day, they will need to stand on their own and face the world without our shield. He still gives us sound and honest advice. May the good Lord bless and keep him…

Please let children learn to work.
Determination and Hardwork pays off.

Yours Truly,

Tebogo F. Raphakgadi

Feature Blogger

Tebogo.F Raphakgadi is an innovative entrepreneur currently involved, actively and as an investor, in businesses in the following industries: 
Property Development & Investment, Coal Mining, Transport & Logistics, and the innovative Motsetserepe Hardbody Chicken. She is a featured blogger at Quality Growth International.

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