Make it Count

The fact that you are reading this is confirmation that you received an opportunity to live another day. An opportunity I said, because no one owes you the gift of life nor are you in any way entitled to it. It is a selflessly given opportunity that carries with it the liberty of choosing what to do with it. Only you can decide what time you get out of bed, or what time you start your day and I want to believe that if you know who you are and what you are called for on this earth or rather what your purpose is, as many of our blogs have encouraged you to find out, you will want to make every minute count.

We all have 24 hours in a day, given that you live throughout that whole day; but the fact that you are still reading confirms to me that you enjoyed the full 24 hours of yesterday. With all this said, I want to pose a question to you, how are you intending to you use the gift of today’s 24 hours to bringing you closer to your dreams, your ultimate goals, your desired lifestyle? What are you changing in the 1440 minutes that you have daily to ensure that you wildest dreams becomes your reality sooner rather than later?

You see together with the precious gift of life on a daily basis comes with it situations that you either put yourself into or those which are beyond your control. What these situations bring with them may not be entirely in your control, however, how you react to these situations and scenarios of your life is entirely up to you. You and you alone are the only one that decides whether you will smile, frown or cry when the world throws it’s best and worst at you.  You alone are the one that decides to see every opportunity as a pitfall and blaming the whole world for serving you a bad deal or as obstacles to jump through and toughen your muscles for the next lap.

Your perception of your life and the events that take place in it shape you and how you will react in life, hence this very perception needs to be introspected frequently to ensure you are still on the right track to your wildest dream. One of my first jobs was volunteering at a psycho-social welfare center for a small stipend. Now as much as this job tied in well with my love psychology and serving others for a greater good, its ultimately where my administration skills were solidified. It’s at this seemingly lousy job where I learned to practice communicating formally on a written platform and my professionalism was enhanced.

Every other job I landed after that, I made it a point to always have something positive I can take away with me, something that if well practiced, could sustain me for a life-time. I personally decided on making my every minute count even when it did not seem like a fashionable thing to do to my peers and I encourage you do it to for yourself.

Happy Sunday

Maryjane Kgomosotho

Quality Growth International.

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