Your Ultimate One Thing

This is special love letter to the youth, to the young dreamer bold enough to chase those those dreams and those who crazy enough to not allow our past as nation and as a indivual to define us to being belittled.

I titled this one your ultimate one thing, the question I wish to submit to you right now is “What is your ultimate one thing? ” what is that one thing that bugs you enough to wanting to make a change, the one thing that has you day dreaming and fantasizing over the success of. What is that one thing that irritates you the most when it is not done to your standards of excellence.

That one thing, is what you should be running after. We live in an age of being referred to as influencers, but what exactly are you influencing in the lives of those around you and that of yourself? And what are you doing to cultivate the power of influence you are said to have?

You see, our parents went through the most to provide us with  an opportunity to further and higher than being a nurse, a policeman and teacher, and I am not implying that anything is wrong with the said professions. However, what kind of teacher, nurse and or police man will you be that will not only bring pride and joy to you and your family but be so fullfilling that you would do it without any compensation other than seeing the results of it.

We are called for greatness, we are purposeed for superiority and a blessed life, as we celebrate and commemorate the youth of 1976, how are you influencing for  a greater future for those who will come after us. What’s your ultimate one thing that will change your world.? Find it, live it and excell at it. You owe it yourself to be great.

Happy sunday

Quality Growth International
Maryjane Kgomosotho

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