Whose Line is it Anyway?

I’ve always defined life as a musical; this world our stage, everybody in it the characters, God the playwright and the Holy Spirit the director. That’s just because I’ve been a musical fanatic all my life, literally. The older I got though, the more musicals I saw and from them, (and real life) I learned that sometimes the actor takes creative licence and disregards the script; sometimes the actor decides they want to be a playwright too; sometimes the actor allows the original portrayal to be affected by reviews – sometimes the actor wants to swap characters.

Here’s what has become one of the biggest cliches in life but ironically is still something we need to be reminded of at least one billion times per lifetime: your part is important to the story and each character gets their necessary time in the spotlight, AKA “your turn will come”. The biggest mistake we tend to make in life is give in to the temptation of comparing our stories to those of others. We fall into the trap of suddenly forgetting our assignments and stories, seeing those of others to better or more attractive than ours and we want to change the scrip and change lanes.

The thing with that is, we forget that our individual stories were custom written for us, for what works for each of us according to our specific designs. When you decide to switch your story to that of someone else’s your essentially sabotaging yourself, your do not have the infrastructure and the grace to walk the other person’s journey. You’re going to end up lost in an avalanche. And you know what they say about an avalanche… when you try to dig yourself out, you don’t know which way is up or down, you at a 50/50 risk of digging yourself deeper.

Do yourself a favour, don’t leave the boat just because there’s a storm when the shore is far. Stay put, you have the innate ability to handle it. Your journey that it, your story. Not someone else’s. Stay in your lane, in your character, say your lines.

Yours Sincerely,

Tshepiso Molakeng

Quality Growth International

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