Work Hard, Party Harder.

We are now full-time residents of Benflair in Witbank-Mpumalanga. The houses in that small estate were fewer than my fingers and toes combined in number. The Estate is situated on a slope/hillside over-looking a river bank. It was a single story house, Bali style. The houses ware built on wet-land therefore, the foundation was high enough that when one stood on the Patio, it actually felt and looked like a balcony. This place was strategically positioned to offer majestic views.

Let me cut the chase; We were in high demand at that point. We would get invited to dinners, lunches, breakfasts, brunches you name it…I was at my biggest in weight I had ever been in my life. It could be the baby weight because we moved not long after I had our last.
We had something that a lot of capitalists and opportunists wanted. Black Gold; Coal.

Hubstar actually narrates this story better than I do. He has all the body actions and lingo/slang of telling it: “Proff! Proff! Proff!…wa dlala Proff. Kere Champagne ne re e stoka ka mekhaene-khaene ka mabox, rena. Cognac le Whiskey mxcim! a ke sa bolela.  Ne o ka se re thibi rena Proff” loosely translated: “Prof, we used to stock Champagne of different kinds in boxes, not to mention Cognac and Whiskey-we were unstoppable.”  This was when he was narrating this very story to a certain Professor we were building some structures for. Professor was laughing his lungs out and said to his wife: “Ey bana ba ba re tseneletse ka maaka wena!” Loosely translated: “These kids are lying to us!”

Most of our current clients are older academics and you need to see the amazement on their faces when we narrate our life journey to them- it is out of this world.  I guess they were never exposed to such a  lifestyle because theirs have been “secured and safe” -Home, Work, Studies, Home. They never really went out of that comfort zone to experience such. 

We made a lot of false/fake friends as they are called nowadays. People we would have over at the house for parties. Oysters, Cavier, Fine Whiskey, Cognac and Champagne would  be served for everybody. Needless to say that I am a loyal Savanna drinker, but I would not mind popping a Spade or more around those people. Pork Belly; Salmon, Duck would be the order of the day, or should I rather say, night.

You can just imagine the amount of money wasted down the drain partying like rock stars. It is very easy to get caught up in that whirl-wind of just spending.  Wasteful Expenditure on some unpleasant guests who will never be satisfied in any case. Some of them were more upsetting because they did not think twice before extending the invite to a plus one or more when they came; lacked even the decency/courtesy to just let me know they are bringing other people along with them. Hey, At least they came bearing gifts-so perhaps I might be exaggerating their behaviour , it may have not been that bad after all. Others would over-indulge on expensive Cognac and Whiskey until they got drunk beyond repair but one would still hear gossip here and there of dissatisfaction.

I personally felt I could not be myself around that crowd despite the fact that some of them were tasting the likes of Dom and Spade for the first time in their lives at our parties.No wonder I have cold feet these days every time I have to throw a party. I am not afraid to cancel in a wink. I have trauma from those days. I am earnestly grateful every moment and happy with the crowd  I am surrounded by now.  They have always been there, I just had a “New Life.”

Come to think of it, one of my close friends wanted to celebrate her birthday three years ago but was experiencing challenges with a venue (financial challenges plus her home was still not completed with renovations to can host the party there.)  She texted me in the evening stressed and worried that she had already told some people or sent “Save the dates” about the party-if my memory serves me correctly.

I told her to send everyone a text to cancel/postpone the party. My exact words: “Party ga se priority ko laefeng Hun.” Loosely translated: “A party is not a priority in life.” 
She thanked me and sent cancellation texts the very next morning.

1. Had we taken all that money we wasted entertaining unpleasant guests and invested it- We would be smiling all the way to the BANK today.

2. Party is not a priority in life, if you cannot afford it, or be unable to do it for any reason what so ever – Leave it.

3. This is your life to live: Be the Architect thereof and dictate all the terms.

I wish you do not take out loans or use up all your money to throw huge parties including a wedding party only to move into a rented place.Be wiser…

Yours Truly,

Tebogo F. Raphakgadi

Feature Blogger

Tebogo.F Raphakgadi is an innovative entrepreneur currently involved, actively and as an investor, in businesses in the following industries: 
Property Development & Investment, Coal Mining, Transport & Logistics, and the innovative Motsetserepe Hardbody Chicken. She is a featured blogger at Quality Growth International.

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