It was all a Learning Experience

I landed my first job at the tender age of 19, right around the time I thought I had figured myself out and had a whole solid plan on how my life is supposed to play out. The very first job I had was working at a psychosocial welfare center where I assisted to care for and cater basic needs to orphaned and vulnerable children well as the elderly.

I had not applied for this job, it was not really at the top of my potential job list. In fact it was not even an option. I got this job by the mere grace of God and only because he had a whole plan to stretch parts of me he knew I would need in the future. I got my first job as a result of donating some of my clothes that I wasn’t wearing anymore. Within a few weeks I had established that my  fellow colleagues were not the biggest fan of me as they felt the job was for children from disadvantaged families and the fact that I went to an Afrikaans High school did not play well them. It was a job for the “Model C” kids, they would say.

The animosity from my colleagues was on a very real scale to the point where I was belittled every chance they got and intentionally mistreated. Somehow I learned to take all of that in and channel it to find a place in the Organisation where I could best fit in and grow, so I joined the administrative team.

Shortly after joining the administration team I proceeded to assist compiling  the monthly reporting tamplate the Organisation used to report to the department of Social Development. I did not take the opportunity lightly and when the chance presents itself I jumped at it while my fellow colleagues thought of it as extra work for no pay. But it paid me in discipline and experience.

The welfare experience was a Roller coaster ride, it was the full package needed to turn all of what I thought I knew upside down and it taught me a great deal. Today, I communicate with my associates better because of the skills I learnt in a  place where society deemed me unfitting to be in.

The point I am trying to make here is take every opportunity it comes, it will either present an chance at earning or a chance at learning. Either way it leaves you edified, if your Perspective of it is of a winning mindset.

Happy Sunday

Maryjane Kgomosotho
Quality Growth International

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