Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Life was good, things were great and money was flowing in. We got so out of touch with reality that we felt bigger is better.

We impulsively decided to buy a hector of land in the leafy eastern suburbs of Pretoria within an equestrian estate and build a 1500m squared house we would call home, despite us having two young children. In retrospect, we were quite comfortable in the previous house we built and lived in, as it was also in the leafy suburbs of Pretoria East.

This huge cantilever architectural structure mansion offered 6 Bedrooms-all en-suite; a movie theater, 4 garages, open plan living dining and kitchen area with a scullery and laundry room. It had a double servants quarters with a full bathroom. An infinity pool as a feature. An entertainment basement area and a dressing room the size of Victoria Beckham’s. As if that was not enough, we installed a residential lift which traveled 3 floors from the basement, to the open plan, then straight into the main bedroom.

I do not want to talk about this house anymore as it caused me to age. This house made me old.
We SOLD it  for a good profit before we could even complete it to the final vision version we had for it.

1. If you want to safely invest your money-property is a great option-you will hardly lose your money.
2. You do not always need bigger and better.
3. Learn to be content, life is not always about the rat race.
4. Make decisions based on calculated risks.
5. Set realistic goals and work towards achieving them.

A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.
To have survived this, indeed we are Black Diamonds in the business sphere even if I have to say that myself.

We not only build houses, we build a LIFESTYLE

Yours Truly,

Tebogo F. Raphakgadi

Feature Blogger

Tebogo.F Raphakgadi is an innovative entrepreneur currently involved, actively and as an investor, in businesses in the following industries:
Property Development & Investment, Coal Mining, Transport & Logistics, and the innovative Motsetserepe Hardbody Chicken. She is a featured blogger at Quality Growth International.

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