A Winning Perspective

A change of perspective, could be your first step to progress.

This week has been quite an important one for the leadership of the Republic of South Africa. No, this is not another article listing the events that took place in parliament or analyzing them to predict a future. Frankly I am not that very clued up on all that, however, I used that first line submit this to your attention; The ruling party in South Africa has been this one party of the last 25 years. They have been the only one given the chance to transform South Africa into a better world class country. One could look at that and think, the oath they use to swear them into parliament has been the similar of not the very same as the the first time this Party took charge 25 years ago and yet we still have much reason to complain.

Or you could look at it and think the ruling party has been the same, however the leadership that was sworn into parliament and  being inaugurated is different. You see the lense you use to look at situations greatly determine your expected outcome of that situation. Many a times we pray for change, change of the situation and very often neglect to request for a change of perspective on our understanding.

One of the great men I look up to in life loves saying “The opportunity of a lifetime, must be taken in the life time of that opportunity” I have translated this little phrase in many ways before but today it makes me realize that we have an opportunity to look at everything we go through on a daily basis, as an opportunity for growth, or a complaint that life is not fair and we’ve been dealt a bad hand at things.

Psychology uses the principle of the 80/20 to explain how we end up achieving or not achieving what we have set for ourselves. The principle is that success is 80% attitude and 20% hard work, however, we still see people that approach it as 80% hardwork and 20% attitude. Your state of mind regarding every obstacle you face, the level of positivity or negativity towards it, determines the outcome of that obstacle in your life. If one believes they will fail a maths exam  and the other believes they will pass, they are equally just right. Theor state of mind regarding that exam is what will highly determine the actual outcome.

So instead of thinking that life is unfair, and blaming all of your surroundings. Have Just a moment of introspection to check if a change of  attitude towards it won’t make all the difference.

Your mind is a powerful tool to be used to your advantage, take full control and don’t cheat yourself a happy life full of learning opportunities.

Happy Sunday

Yours Sincerely.
Maryjane Kgomosotho
Quality Growth International

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