When was your last check up?

I received a call yesterday afternoon that my 38 year old aunt had fell down the stair case while at work and as a result I spent the greater part of my day in a hospital casualty section. I sat there and watched people with different injuries and medical situations walk in all throughout the day and it just pondered on me, when as your last check up? When was the last time you verified that everything in you was functioning as it should and most importantly, that your state of mind was still aligned to the purpose and goals you set for yourself?

The first half of the year is slowly coming to an end, do you know what you have done that will work towards your future? What decisions have you made and what impact will these decisions have on you 10 years from today? Are you still clear regarding all the goals you set at the beginning of the year? All those resolutions you made, are you still keeping to them?

Its one thing to set all kinds of exciting goals, it’s a whole other to execute them and check on the progress of what the bigger picture is. In my fairly short time as an adult I have come to learn that we are all great at making plans, at setting goal whether with the correct qualities and characteristics or not. We all set goals and or resolutions nonetheless, but we seldom check up on what we have done a few months down the line. Remember one of the most important aspects of setting goals is that they need be scheduled, they need a time frame for them to be achieved. As we draw near to last few days of the first half of 2019, I encourage to get a check up, I encourage you to go ahead and introspect yourself and all things important to you. It’s just about a great time to get a progress report and re-ensure that you are still on track with your set destiny…

Happy Sunday

Yours Sincerely
Maryjane Kgomosotho
Quality Growth International

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