It has tied up…

This is our first ever development house project we embarked on. We bought the incomplete house on Auction, rebuilt and SOLD for a very good profit then. The house is situated in Birdwood Estate in Hartebees.

Letlema is its nickname.  
In Sepedi “Letlema” is an abandoned building project. Loosely translated: “It has tied up.” 
Hubstar insisted the house be bought despite my discouragement and disagreement of buying an incomplete abandoned house. “Mong wa Letlema lela o le tšhabetše, wena o nyaka re le tope!” Loosely translated: “The owner abandoned the building and you want us to adopt it.” I always exclaimed.

We got our current business partners on board to Share the Risk. Our Construction Company with our partners in business started-and grew from strength to strength from then on.

#Alone, you will NOT win. Surround yourself with good business partners.

We not only build HOUSES, We build a LIFESTYLE…

This is the where we started

Yours Sincerely,

Tebogo.F Raphakgadi,

Feature Blogger

Tebogo.F Raphakgadi is an innovative entrepreneur currently involved, actively and as an investor, in businesses in the following industries:
Property Development & Investment, Coal Mining, Transport & Logistics, and the innovative Motsetserepe Hardbody Chicken. She is a featured blogger at Quality Growth International.

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