Be Accountable to Yourself

 I recently learned a new phrase from a gentleman called Michael Todd which accurately described something I have always valued but could not quite communicate it as greatly as how this man puts it. “Be a HOT individual” no, not physically so, nor the colloquial term that refers to an attractively looking individual. “Be a HOT individual” is a phrase that says always strive to be a humble, open and transparent individual. It makes your life clearer and just a little bit more fun than you would experience it.

It is one thing to be truthful or honest about a matter when asked about it, but it’s a whole different ball game if you humble, open and transparent as this requires you to communicate truthfully about information in a humble and meek manner, before you are questioned for that information. Now this all fun and great when it is in your list of expectations of others who attempt having any kind of relationship with you. It is much different when you are the one who must deliver on this great moral expectation. I believe being accountable for one’s self is more than just being able to justify your actions to the next person but it is also taking responsibility of the actions that you are not so proud of or would rather keep to yourself and hidden from the world around you.

This past week I had to put to practice this high moral expectation myself for my own sanity. I had developed a pattern of taking decisions that were not benefiting me in a holistic sense nor were these decisions going to benefit me in the near or further future. These decisions were more of an instant gratification kind that were not really edifying or building me in any form and after a mini session of introspection I had to be open and transparent with myself. I had to not only acknowledge the detrimental effect of these decisions but also transparently and humbly communicate these decisions to those who mentor and guide me. I had to exercise a sense of meekness I had never quite tapped into in order to communicate these decisions openly and transparently without blaming the whole world and my surroundings for it.

Accountability for one’s self is being responsible for one’s self, and I believe responsibility is best practiced when you are honest and transparent about everything and anything you face in life firstly to yourself as an individual and then to those whom you are answerable to. Self-Introspection is a necessary exercise that one should be practicing very often in their own space to always re-evaluate the price of the decisions that we take for ourselves. I believe you cannot be accountable to those whom you are answerable to if you not first accountable to yourself and are at peace with yourself.

So, as you continue to walk this journey called life, be accountable to yourself first, introspect frequently and be honest, open and transparent to yourself about yourself.

Your sincerely

Maryjane Kgomosotho

Quality Growth International  

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