5 Habits of Highly Successful People

Have you ever wondered why two people from the same area, who studied at the same school, sometimes even the same university, engaged in the same business, achieve different results – one fails, while the other succeeds? Ever wondered why two people would run the exact same business – one succeeds and the other fails? I’ve got an answer for you: HABITS.

I know that you might be thinking, “No, that’s not the answer”.  So let me get right into it and explain to you what I mean by habits, by sharing with you these 5 habits that set successful people apart from the unsuccessful.


You and I are not the body we live in; we are spirit beings. The moment you understand this, then you will also understand that the ideas that pass through our thoughts are spiritual. Ideas are spiritual because animals cannot think of and act on ideas – only humans can, and humans are spirit beings. Animals can eat like we do, and even excrete like we do; but they cannot think, and they cannot get ideas. Ideas are reserved for spirit beings. Successful people know this simple truth, so they spend most of their time looking after themselves spiritually – either through prayer or meditation. Most have turned this into a habit, and some have cultivated the skill of being spiritually aware – and always act on the ideas that pass through their thoughts, by writing their thoughts down daily, and acting on the ideas that best benefit not only them, but anyone connected to them.

Spend some time each morning doing nothing but thinking for 15 – 60 minutes, wake up early, maybe at 4 or 5 so that no one disturbs you. Use a pen and paper to record any great ideas that come to you. It could be ideas on how to treat your spouse, how to grow your business, raise your children etc. If you make a habit of constantly being aware of your thoughts and ideas and writing them down, then sooner or later you will be successful.


Successful people develop their mental capacities daily through reading books, listening to audio programs, and networking with successful mentors, colleagues and coaches. Successful people understand something that many people do not understand – “we are affected by what we know, and we are affected by what we don’t know”. What we know, what we don’t know affects our dreams, affects our results, and affects our outcome. What successful people have done, is that, they turned reading into a habit. They don’t dread reading because reading forms part of their lifestyle. This might not have been easy in the beginning, but over time they developed this habit to read good books that address real life challenges – and not fiction. This habit helps put them ahead of most people, because people think they will magically acquire skills without giving themselves to much study. Are you lazy to read? Turn it into a habit, and you will see how knowledgeable you will be when it come to your area of study. Engage with mentors, spend time with successful people who challenge your thinking. Once your mind expands – it will never go back. Find exposure – read.

3.Physical Exercise

Successful people understand the important of habitual exercise. They spend part of their daily time rejuvenating their strength through exercise. Know this: 20 minutes a day exercise is also enough, you don’t have to spend hours exercising. Exercise will keep your body energised, and you will work on all your projects without losing energy. Doing this will also help you develop great eating habits, ensuring that you eat healthy food. Stay away from sugar, and develop the habit of exercise by doing it daily.

4.Social Capital

Successful people have a lot of social capital that they developed over years. They don’t usually engage in micro-oven relationships. They spend time cultivating close relationships with people whom they value, this could be their spouse, children, close friends, relatives, business associates, mentors, mentees, or employees. Successful people understand that they don’t just chase having a large network of people on their side, but rather they work on having the right network of people on their side. Having strong social skills is something that successful people develop over time, which eventually becomes a habit. That’s why it is important to treat everyone with respect. Treat the cleaner with the same respect you give the CEO – you will realise how people will naturally gravitate towards because of how you treat them. Be nice to people. Build a strong social network – but guard your heart, not everyone is good for you – choose wisely.

5.Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is not taught in school, and many people stop learning immediately after graduating from school and entering the job market. Successful people, however, have made a habit out of continuous learning. They know that in order to be in control of their finances, they need to know how money works, and how to handle money – they learn how to develop a budget, how debt works, and what to use debt for. They understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. They use good debt to buy themselves assets, assets that in turn give them income, and they avoid bad debts as much as possible. They know that a liability is something that takes money away from you, and that an asset brings you money. They know that both the house they live, and the car they drive to the grocery store are liabilities, but they also know that a rental income producing apartment or house is an asset. Successful people know that they need to build a business or buy a piece of a flourishing business. They borrow money to buy assets and limit borrowing money to buy liabilities. Successful people have made understanding money a daily habit. Most people only think about money when they are in financial trouble, but successful people think about money daily – how to make it, how to keep it and how to grow it – it’s a HABIT.

Develop success habits, and see your life moving to greater heights.

I wish you success.

Yours Sincerely,

Witness Mdaka,

CEO, Quality Growth International

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