How to Develop a Personal Balance Sheet

Not many people know exactly where their strengths lie. This is the reason for having so many people waking up each morning, going to jobs they hate. Of course, most give the reason that they need to feed their families and pay their bills. But if you are to work anyway, wouldn’t you want to do so in accordance with your strengths? Wouldn’t you want to go to work to maximize your potential? Wouldn’t you, as a person, benefit from knowing what your strengths are and how you can you use them to do your job? Wouldn’t it be nice if your motivation to get a job had nothing to do with the amount of money the job is promising, but rather all to do with the fact that you see yourself using your strengths to work the job?

Companies have balance sheets and income statements to determine what their assets and liabilities are, and to determine if they are making enough money to sustain and grow the business. All this also plays a role in determining where the company’s strengths lie.

Back to you;

1. Know yourself

The best way to know how well you can do is to know who you are first and then what you are capable of. You need to find out first what your limitations are – yes know what you cannot do, that way you will not waste your time doing something you have no business doing.

2.Know Your Purpose

Your purpose dictates how you live your life, you can walk into a book store and know which book NOT to buy. You might not know the one you must buy, but you will know which one not to buy. If you don’t know yet what your purpose is, then investigate your gift; what is the one thing you can do better than anything else? What is it that you can do even if no one pays you for it? You must be aware that I didn’t say what is your passion. Your gift is not your passion, and the two are usually never tied to each other either. Someone could be passionate about roasted coffee beans, that does not necessarily mean they must open a coffee shop – they might not be equipped for that. In a nutshell, give yourself time to find out what your gift is, and work to improve it.

3.Know your Assets

Sometimes you might look at your life and think, “nah, there’s nothing I can refer to as an asset”; but I can promise you, there’s plenty – you could be good looking, that’s an asset. If you’re not good looking, you could be having a family, friends, kids, a job, be in great health, speaking well, speaking several languages for that matter, easy to get along with, coming from the good part of town; maybe you have a good education, access to mentors and coaches, come from the bad part of town but somehow have a solution on how to fix it. You name it, think of anything that is good, something that gives you an advantage, and sometimes it might even look like a disadvantage; I was born in a village and grew up in a township – but that is where I was able to develop a model for my property business and philosophy for my property investments.

4.Know your Liabilities and Work on Reducing and/or Eliminating Them

Your liabilities could be things that you do or do not do that are holding you back, for example; not reading enough books, waking up late, sleeping late, watching too much TV, not exercising, lack of education, bad friendships, a bad relationship, watching pornography, spending too much time on social media, not nurturing your spiritual life as much as you should, the environment you live in, etc. These are just examples, you know yourself better than anyone else does. Work on eliminating all the liabilities, each liability you eliminate now turns into an asset. For instance, if your liability is lack of education, and you decide to get an education – you can now list this in the asset column.

Take a blank sheet of paper, draw a line in the middle; then wright assets on the left and liabilities on the right. List all your assets on the left and all the liabilities on the right. Count all your assets against your liabilities, and then begin to work on turning every liability into an asset.

5.Use all of the Above to Build Your Dream Job/Business

Knowing yourself, knowing your purpose, knowing your assets and liabilities; while simultaneously working to reduce and eliminate all the liabilities puts you ahead of 90% of the world’s population – many people don’t know the information above, or rather they don’t care enough to know.

I wish you success.

Yours Sincerely,

Witness Mdaka,

CEO, Quality Growth International

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