Adjust Your Perspective

So often I hear people say that you are a result of where you come from, that you need to know your roots in order to have direction to where you are going. May I submit to you that all that greatly depends on how you vie1w this past that you come from.,

So here is the thing, a great majority of our black community comes from an unfortunate background of oppression, and poverty. We had our forefathers demeaned, disrespected and dishonored even in front of those they were meant to be honored by. None of this is news to you, we all know it, we all know someone who experienced it first hand and we all know someone who experienced the effects of it; however, how you choose to use this past in your present solely depends on you and only you.  It has very little to do with external factors.

You have an advantage of a culture and society that is different to that which your parents and forefathers grew under, you are possibly part of the minority that made it to high school in your family, a minority that has access to information, access to all sorts of resource, and access to a somewhat free education. You already stand at a point of victory compared to your forefathers, but how you use this stand point is again all depend on what perspective you have of your life and where you are going. You could decide to blame the whole world for the challenges that you face today and reason you fight a different battle to that of the oppression experienced by your forefathers, or you could decided to stand up, count all the blessing you have and decide to stop being a victim. You could decide to abort the victim mentality that you have and decide you are a winner just from where you stand.

You see, there is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. You can change your clothing, you can change your job, your studies, your residency or even your spouse, but until you change your mind and decide you are winner, and decide you are above and not beneath, that you are the head and not the tail; You will be running around in circles.

So I urge you, look at your past, and use it as a motivation to say I am winner, I can do it. Look at your past and decide you are aborting the mentality of victimization and all that may seem beneficial with it, leave behind the grants and compassion that comes with it and decide, you a powerful, you are capable and you can do that which you are on this earth to do. You can fullfil your dreams and you can live out your greatest potention.

Adjust your Perspective from fault finding to purpose fulfilling. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. So adjusts you perspective, clean up your glasses and go out there looking to be nothing short of the most amazing version of yourself.

Your sincerely

Maryjane Kgomosotho
Quality Growth International

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