Rise Up!

“If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.”  -Thomas H. Palmer

That’s the original. The first version I ever heard had a Timberland signature baseline behind it, accompanied by a semi-futuristic (for 2001) music video that featured ceiling to floor mirrors and rather interesting choreography that included Jet-Li by the late and great (yes, I said it) Aaliyah Houghton. This version included the words “dust yourself up…”

You’re the one that has to do the dusting of self up, not someone else. Of course we live in a community of fellow humans who are sometimes there to help us get up when we fall and help dust us off, sometimes. Even in those times, there are instances when it doesn’t matter who is there, it only matters that you make the decision to get up, forget the former things and try again (read Five Ways to Move on From Mistakes blog post).

In honour of the reason for this long weekend; I would like to encourage those of you who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to live take up the meaning of the word “Christian”, be Christ- like, and rise up. He did so in victory so that that could be your portion. Don’t be that person who just keeps a gift and doesn’t use it or at the very least actively returns it.

To those of you who may have rolled your eyes or cringed while reading the previous paragraph; be the phoenix that rises from the ashes if that’s more your thing. Either way, holidays like this one are spent with loved ones; family that was chosen for you and/ or family that you chose. If you have the opportunity to, revel in the beauty of having a community to be a part of; if not, be your own community, that’s where we all need to start anyway, you’re just a step ahead of most.

You’re okay. Check your vitals. Brain activity, chest heaving, heart beating. You’re alive. I know that sometimes that doesn’t feel like the relief it’s expected to feel like; but here’s what it really is: proof that there’s still a chance for it to get better, for you to begin again, to get up and try again. It may not look or feel like it, but the fact that you’re reading this isn’t only a sign that you’re going to be okay, it’s a sign that you are okay. You didn’t drown, you’re here, now use that gift.

Remember, just because we don’t see the stars in the day doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Seeing the sun rise doesn’t mean it’s literally rising at that moment, it’s been in the exact same spot the whole time; even when it was dark it was there, it just wasn’t your time with it yet. The side of the equator that you’re on is only now moving towards it. So maybe we’re the ones that rise to the sun…  Time is a necessary factor of life, without time there’s no growth. For time to be, the earth needs to orbit around the sun, day needs to turn to night and summer needs to turn to winter. The change of season is important for the running order of the ecosystem. The same goes for the ecosystem of your life, it’s the order of nature, every step and season is necessary. In due time, the earth turns back toward the sun.

In the words of another great artist- although this one still alive, she lost the husband of her youth- Corrine Bailey- Rae, the skies will break for you my friend. The waves will part, the seas will rend. It won’t be long until it ends.

Brain activity, chest heaving, heart beating. You’re alive. Breathe… you’re okay.


Tshepiso Molakeng,

Quality Growth International

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