Doing Everything on Your Own Is a Recipe for Failure

Many people have been taught by their parents, teachers and the school system that they need to do everything on their own, and that they need to get it right the first time, and every time after that, if not, then they are not “smart enough”. For many years we’ve been taught; cover your work so no one can see it, and that “you need to work independently”. 

School in general has been about how much one can memorize, and for as long as you could memorize and give all the answers in a test, then you don’t need anyone else. In school, you could be a loner and still win – no problem – but not in real life.

This type of conditioning to do things alone has made us believe that life is also like that. We’ve been made to think that real life is as easy as doing things, all things on your own. The truth is: this is a recipe for failure.

Life in general is designed to be interconnected. The loners don’t win, never – because real life is about team work. A family is a team. A business is a team. A church is a team. Even going to the shop takes team work. The shop keeper is part of your team, ensuring that you find your milk each time you need it, so is the dairy farmer, and the truck driver delivering the milk. You’re also their team mate as a customer, without you they can’t continue being in business. But imagine if all the above mentioned decided to do things only for themselves and for no one else? What a life that would be.

In so saying, you need to understand that winning in life requires having strong solid relationships.

In business, the game is played by many team members. For instance, in our property business, we understand that we must have the following people in our dream team: property manager, marketer, accountant, lawyer, contractor, builder, plumber, electrician, architect, quantity surveyor, banker, investors, financiers, etc. All these people play different roles at different stages of our business. All I do as team leader is coordinate how each of the stages are to take place. And none of this is done without the advice of mentors, and coaches who have traveled the path we are on.

The stronger the team, the more successful the business or family. Speaking of family, you need to know the strengths of each of your family members, study them, and place them according to their strengths. Business and life are very similar, the stronger the team, the stronger the family, or business.

Life is interconnected, don’t dance alone, find people to tango with. Your financial and business life is determined by teamwork, your family life is determined by teamwork, and even your Faith and spiritual life has a lot to do with how well you do in a team. All life is interconnected.

Failure to understand this is the reason why so many people fail in life and business. No man can do everything alone. To do great work, you will need to learn to put together and lead a great team.

Yours Sincerely,

Witness Mdaka,

CEO, Quality Growth International

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