Dear First Time Renter,

Taking a step to having your own first apartment is one that should be done responsibly and celebrated, and in the spirit of being responsible about it, here are a few things to look out for:

  1. Make sure the property is real

Too often we hear of potential tenants who view adverts online, make a call to verify the number and whether the property is still available and boom, they make their first payment. This could possibly be your first mistake to a spiral of things that would leave you miserable. Always ensure you book a viewing appointment with the contact person. Take a trusted friend if you wish to help you see thing that you would otherwise overlook. Ensure the property is just the right amount of space that you are looking for and that it is in a livable condition, according to your standards, After all you will be the one living there.

2.Make an EFT Payment

You want to always be able to trace the payments you make and what better way to do that than with today’s technology of electronic fund transfer. Both your bank and the recipient’s bank can account to the funds having been transferred from one to the other.

3.Sign a lease agreement

Anything without set rules and objectives is bound to be chaotic at some point in its journey. Having set rules, roles, boundaries and agreed methods on how conflict is to be resolved between two parties brings order into the daily functioning of any kind of relationship, most importantly, that between you and your landlord. It helps ensure you have a cohesive understanding of the purpose of your relationship.  Have a set start and end of lease date, have your price, property address and method of payment clearly stated. Clear out all blurry lines.

4.Treat the property like you would your very own

Now that you have signed and moved in, the property is yours until the end of your lease. The property is not just yours to occupy but it is yours to be responsible for too, so treat it like you would your very own asset. Treat the property with the same kind of respect you would your very own prized possession, always keep it neat and habitable.

Once you’ve cleared all the above, go ahead explore different settings, try different colors and grow. Having your own apartment is a step towards your personal growth in being a responsible adult, so go out there and rock this thing called adulting…

Your sincerely,

Maryjane Kgomosotho

Quality Growth International

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