80% Mindset & Strategy, 20% Skill

We spend a lot of time sharpening our skills, from going to school and university to attending short courses to upskill ourselves in order to be successful with our work. Although these are good and necessary things to do, they form only a small part of our success compared to the mindset we have, and our attitude, which ultimately determines the strategies we apply to successfully execute our skills.

Our mindset forms our world view, our world view determines how we see things, and how we see things is how we ultimately plan anything we set out to do. One of the biggest things we will have to learn to do while upgrading our skills – is leaning how to think correctly. How we think about something informs the strategy we apply.

When it comes to any work, project, or business, 80% of it will be about the way we think about the work, our mindsets, and our strategy, while 20% will be based on the skills we need in order to successfully execute what we have set out to do.

There are several ways to determine your mindset, but here are 3:

1. What spectacles are you wearing?

This question can simply be translated to; what do you see? Often what we see might not necessarily be what everyone sees. A person wearing blue sunglasses only sees blue, the one wearing orange sunglasses only sees in orange, while the one wearing clear spectacles only sees what is clear. Understanding why you see what you see, and why others see what they see help you think about your strategy in an enlightened manner – know the colour of your spectacles. What’s your worldview?

2. What are you reading?

It is said that if you spend 5 years reading business books then you might become an expert on the topic. I couldn’t agree more with this saying. Whatever you give yourself to will give itself back to you. Most often, people who are filled with fear are people who have spent countless hours listening to, watching, or reading negative news reports. Someone who is fearful will develop a strategy that is motivated by fear and scarcity. Someone who focused their attention on material that inspires greatness in them, material that gives them hope about the world we live in will formulate a strategy that lines up with that hope. The skills these two people acquire, and the manner in which they execute their work will differ dramatically, in fact they will produce completely different results simply because of the material they read. The books we read have a way of influencing the way we think. So choosing the right material to read, will dictate how we view things, how we develop our strategy and ultimately how we execute our skills.

3. Who is surrounding you?

Another saying I’ve heard often is: “You are who you hang out with”. The people we spend time with, the conversations we have, form our worldviews. Careful consideration of who you spend time with will help you determine what goes into your heart. Have you ever met anyone who is bold and positive, but yet spends 90% of their time with negative people? That is rare isn’t it? Same applies to you; you will have to choose your associations carefully if you want to win at anything. If you want to be successful, at anything, then find yourself a successful mentor and surround yourself with positive, successful peers. Here’s an interesting saying I’ve heard: “If you want to be a doctor, accountant or engineer, go to university. But if you want to become a millionaire, then find someone who has done it and emulate them”.

How you do anything, is how you do everything. Think about this. 80% is Mindset & Strategy, 20% is Skill. Work on getting your skills, but remember that 80% of achieving success will depend on your strategy, which is informed by your mindset, which is determined by your thinking.

Yours Sincerely,

Witness Mdaka

CEO, Quality Growth International

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