Quality Growth International

Doing common things uncommonly well


Welcome to Quality Growth International!

Quality Growth International is an African property company based in South Africa. Our company is revolutionizing the way people live and work by providing quality affordable accommodation in South African townships and historically “white suburbs” that are closer to workplaces. This we do in order for tenants to spend less on transportation and also to meet the increased demand for affordable quality accommodation.
Our dream is to help raise the standard of living for ordinary Africans by providing affordable yet quality accommodation in the form of rooms, studio apartments, and townhouses in areas where they would not be traditionally available. Townships generally have a large number of people living in shacks and rooms without proper sanitation, in the form of adequate toilets, showers, and kitchens within their rooms and obviously their shacks.
Our aim is to reduce the number of people living in these conditions by providing them with an affordable alternative that has all the amenities mentioned above. We’ve made it our mandate to purchase dilapidated property, convert it into beautiful rental studio apartments and rent it out. In addition to creating this type of accommodation in Townships, we also create it in old suburbs closer to workplaces, and shopping destinations, to bridge the gap for young professionals who want to live closer to their workplaces but would not be able to afford buying a home, or traditional rental options.
We bridge this gap by providing our Studio Apartments at affordable rental amounts, which makes it easier for our tenants to live in quality rental accommodation at a price that is within  their budget. In inspiring those who live in shacks or traditional back rooms to up their standard of living by renting our studio apartments, we also assist those who are downsizing (for whatever reason) from 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments by providing them with a suitable alternative.
Our current goal is to rent out a minimum of 1000 studio apartments by the year 2023.